Podcasting – RSL Grade 7


The GoCreate Academy Podcasting Grade Seven e-book contains everything you need to pass your Grade Seven exam in one essential resource. Grade Seven focuses on thorough, easy-to-understand details of a diverse and evolving range of technological and storytelling skills and techniques. This e-book covers how these skills and techniques are applied to creating and developing your very own podcasts, which are now beginning to expand in the depth and breadth of their content and execution.

The graded examinations in podcasting are all assessed via online coursework submission, which allows you to prepare 100% of the assessment using your own equipment, in your own, comfortable learning environment. The content is simply uploaded through a secure portal and externally assessed by RSL Examiners.

What you’ll learn at Grade Seven:

  • Technological Skills
  • Content Creation Skills
  • Presenting Skills
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  • Technological skills, covering effects processing including chorus, delay and reverb, headroom, signal to noise ratio, studio noise, balance, audio repair, sound isolation, phase & phase issues, latency, correcting nasal vocals, pitch correction, formant shifting, mastering & automation.
  • Content creation skills, covering storytelling, Aristotle’s Three Act Structure, Ibsen’s Five Act Structure, and Booker’s Seven Basic Plots, podcast formats, podcast planning tools and communication.
  • Presenting skills, covering creating posture, keeping your listener interested, vocal management & health, breath, stretching, and recording an audio trailer .
  • Advice from leading experts on how to create your own excellent podcasts.
  • Professionally presented, high quality video content, providing industry advice and expertise on tips to help you succeed as a Podcaster.

Required Hardware and Software

Candidates can take their GoCreate Academy and RSL Podcasting Grade Seven exam using their preferred hardware and software applications.


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GoCreate Academy Podcasting 2020

Syllabus History

The GoCreate Academy and RSL Podcasting series is the world’s first graded system for aspiring podcasters. Continuing RSL’s 30 year history of innovation in music education, this new, leading syllabus offers a unique opportunity for the next generation of podcasters to gain a thorough understanding of classic and contemporary podcasting techniques, whilst earning a globally recognised qualification.