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GoCreate Academy has assembled some of the best True Crime Podcasters on the planet to deliver a compelling four-week course in this genre. This course is a unique offering where you benefit from the wisdom of our award-winning panel of podcast creators, including a Q&A session. In addition, the panel will be sharing their personal experiences with you about finding and developing ideas, what makes a successful narrative, and how to build an engaging story arc throughout a series. They’ll take you from the very beginning to publishing and beyond, giving you the necessary skills to express yourself through this medium.


Course starts on 4. May 2022

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How to create a True Crime Podcast Series that really connects with your listeners. The art of storytelling in Podcasting. The KEY ingredients to award winning True Crime Podcast making. How to stop your listeners’ from switching off and tuning out during your podcast series. The vital elements you MUST have to maximise your chances of success.
How to make sure your podcasts sound professional, quickly, simply even as a beginner. What equipment you really need & best bang for buck depending on your budget. The importance of having your own Sonic Branding. How to get your own perfect Podcast sound as you develop.
Marketing & Distribution
You had a great idea, you created a compelling true-crime podcast series - but how do you share your story? How does the world hear it? Learn how to publish, market, distribute and monetise your podcasts.
Bonus Sessions & Beyond
Anybody signing up for the How to Make a True Crime Podcast Series course can gain GoCreate Insider membership. This gives access to an array of educational discounts, bonus webinars and more. Steinberg, Sontronics and Best Service are providing some fabulous additional ‘how-to’ podcasting sessions because GoCreate Academy have written the world’s first academically regulated and industry recognised podcast qualifications. This means that we can offer optional academic podcasting qualifications at all levels & guarantees you a genuine, accredited standard that you can trust.

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