Audio Storytelling DipLCM

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Duration: 8 weeks
Credit: University Level 4 Qualification


Gain a qualification online creating great podcasts and radio documentaries.

Have you ever wanted to know how podcasts and radio documentaries are made? Have you ever wanted to make audio documentaries yourself? Or maybe you work in audio and would like to gain a university accredited and industry endorsed qualification in this area?
Created with Liam O’Brien, the series producer of the multi-award winning RTÉ Documentary On One department, this course shows you the exact steps you need to take to create great radio documentaries and podcasts.
Once you have completed the online course, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain a University awarded DipLCM Qualification in Audio Storytelling. This allows you to use the letters “DipLCM” after your name and is the first qualification in the world of this kind!


Two things every memorable story requires 1) an amazing idea 2) an amazing storyteller to create it.

When we say ‘audio story telling’, we mean podcasts, radio documentaries, business presentations, audio books or even how to improve your day-to-day communication.
We mean engaging an audience (or one important/special person), thrilling them, amusing them, shocking them, educating them…

So why OUR course?
Because it’s actually possible that our DipLCM course could genuinely change your life.
You might be just starting out and this maybe something you want to achieve because you instinctively know this is the direction you want to travel. Or you might be in business and our course is something you want to embrace to improve your communication and/or presentation skills.
Audio storytelling could lead you in many directions – to scriptwriting, to screenplays, directing/producing or into many other creative arenas.
We believe it’s not an exaggeration to say it could be life-changing, not least because our instructor, Liam O’Brien is a radio documentary maker, podcaster and multi-award winning producer with almost 100 national/international awards to his names, including 4 Prix Europa’s
Seriously, if you have stories to tell and want to tell them, this is where you’ll learn the best way to produce them, present them and find an audience for them.
Here is where you’ll become a better communicator.
The Audio Storytelling DipLCM course consists of 8 sessions, divided into an exciting form of independent learning and includes interactive LIVE content with the lecturer, over an 8-week period.
The sessions will focus on key aspects of ideas, storylines, character, structure, interview, narration and scripting.
Oh and this is the very first course of it’s the world!
Now THAT is a story.

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