Weeklong Virtual Camps for Young Creatives

Our V-Camps offer bespoke courses created specifically for online learning.

Students learn over 5 days, with daily 2 hour live tutoring classes and 2 hour project-directed learning. They will love to attend our V-Camp due to the personalised guidance (a maximum of 5 students per class) and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded learners.

All our classes are in contemporary subjects, taught by inspirational instructors, that are leading experts in their field, and will prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow.

The 2021 Season V-Camps start on July 20. Seats are limited!

Be a Beatboxer

Beatboxing. Learn how to create amazing drum and synth sounds using nothing more than your own voice. Learn the fundamentals of vocal beats tone production,

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Create your own Vlog

Video Production and Storytelling. Learn how to engage with an audience and tell your story through the visual medium of vlogging. Learn the fundamentals of

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How to Podcast

Audio Storytelling and Production. To create a great story, you need to find a great idea and then know how to develop it. In this

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How to sing Pop Music

Pop Vocals Course. Learn the basics for good voice production – relaxation, posture, breathing, and vocal onsets. Then explore other vocal techniques like breathy vocals,

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Write your own Songs

Top-Line Songwriting. Learn how to create great song melodies and lyrics. Where to get idea inspiration, song structure, constructing melodies, lyric creation, how to collaborate,

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